Welcome denizen, to my humble abode!  Here I implore you to give audience to the conscripts of my life whilst the hours turn.  With melodious echoes of each page graced by the brush strokes of divinity, even the meekest of sanctuary can become a mighty citadel.  Inside its bastille houses the mythical treasures of the empyreal world.  Ramparts impregnable only to that of Death himself.  Eagerly awaiting for the sands of time to pass through our hour glass; to reap his crop with one dreadful hew of his scythe!  May this enclosure fend what we have so after death’s knell our keep shall remain.  To be unearthed yet again for but another moment in time beyond ours.

With much hope:

Accede ad ignem hunc, jam calesces plus satis


Here you will find my music, music videos, blog, and other nuancisities about myself.  If you scroll down you will find that I like to feature someone else’s work next to one of my own to give audiences something they may have never experienced before.  I frequently share other peoples’ music on Gmail communities before for the same reason.

La Featurette

Music…without the video.  Perhaps his synthetic industrial heart my convince you to stay other wise… A wonderful herald of the machines, when the herald is not present of course.

Feature Presentation

Dues Ex Machina….or but a man with his Dithyramb?  Either way our resident Satyr weeps with envy.  How shall I honor Dionysus? What have I put on this Earth and does it force me to write my own tragedy? He says.

Now Showing In Theaters Near You

Blehehh e moarrrrrrr talking

Updated biography, made a promise to kill the donation button and make the pictures cleaner.  I am looking for new content to feature but want to think of words an w/e that will go with it.  Realized I’m not as social as I should be and I wont change... read more

AN AMV?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I made an amv about the wheel of fate and how it always turns whether it be for our favor or against it.  Try as we might the world turns on its own and at times we must seek refuge or be crushed by the gears of war.  Incase you were wondering “AMV” stands... read more

La Grande Finale

And without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the one whose sands have already passed through destiny’s hour glass.  The man, the myth, envy of a time before ours:  (drum roll please)  Tchaikovsky!  May his memories be preserved in this domain to provide inspiration for those yet to come.  A guiding light emulating passion and hope for the abilities of mankind.

Although gone and as is the age that enclosed him.  May his legacy be preserved in this tomb.  Who shall light the fire he once wrote incarnate in his music?  Who shall take heed and pull such a sword from stone greater than that of the pillars of Hercules?  Tis unfortunate that he and all others departed are doomed for interpretation by the present.  What shall we?  Who is he to us?