My name is Derek and I want to be a composer, if not professionally then at least in my spare time.  Went to San Joaquin Community College from 2008-2012….(the first year I didn’t do anything….or the last year was for my transfer and I didn’t know how to play school “politics”)  In that time I studied classical guitar with the resident teacher Travis Silvers.  Before I left town he was also the teacher at the neighboring college, University of The Pacific.  Along with private lessons I also did the standard degree path i.e. concert choir, guitar ensemble, music theory, etc.  Upon receiving a AA in music, I transferred to University Of The Pacific as a composition major.

I felt like a fool paying so much for education so I dropped out and joined the Army.  In the army I was the rank of Specialist and offered to take the promotion exam there but turned it down.  It’s called a “promotion board” in the army.  I  was too close to my discharge and did not want to reenlist.  In my service I have deployed once to Afghanistan and once to Kuwait.  Been in a few firefights, drove over one of their landmines, operated a lot of military equipment labeled “secret” and “non secret”, worked in the Brigade Commander’s team and got to see a whole different side of the army, trained and led a few soldiers to operate as both a fire team and a machine gun team.

I currently reside in Los Angeles and am thinking about my next move.  I am picking a civilian career that will coincide with what will be considered relative experience I gathered in the U.S. Army.  I loved being in the army and every day I think of how it was the best chess move for me to make.

But all that is beneath the higher plane of existence that revolves around me.  It is love of the art.  All of it was for you.  I just need to make money, and I am trying to be as conformative and respectful as I can to modern society.  THEN I’ll use that money to further my hobby and true love.  Leaving music school was the best decision of my life, second best was joining the army.  It brainwashes you in to being a normal “professional musician” which will inturn force you into an awful competitive environment with very limited slots that forces you into being nothing but a shell of an empty person with nothing but desire and loss.They make you do so much and give you so little, and every one just smiles and says how they went through it and you just need to do it just for now……well I say if you do do it…..for what? and why?  I have seen them, lived with them, worked with them, and went to school with them.  I MAY go to school again, but this time I’m prepared and picking a major that SERVES ME more not to serve an ideal or some sort of romanticism.  You want to see something funny?  Give a job offer to a bunch of musicians.  They will swarm you and you can watch them compete and struggle because they made that THEIR hell.  That’s THEIR next “big step” the big dream that they’ll achieve.

Its the By-law of physical existence and all creation.  The law of the sea so to say.  Supply and Demand.  Their demand is money and prestige.  The supplier must either have money or prestige.  I do not have prestige but I have money, and a good amount lol.  There are many offices I can not breach because of my lack of prestige and those that mirror mine may have the dollar amount to do it, those that follow my idea and have more of either can.  THROW IT AT THEM AND WATCH THEM BE WEAK.

In lieu of my profession as far as music repertoire, I have several recorded from various artists on this site as well as on various websites throughout the internet.  “Pureharmoniouslove” is my pen name and if you search that or my name “Derek Skinner” I’m sure you’ll find some sort of trail.  I consider this site to be my home where I try an have the most information of me pulsating out.  My gmail seems to be somewhat of an effective “home base” and I’ve contemplated rather what to use or not.  I might just keep that for networking, or I willingly cling to the past hoping for a home website to be successful when many more have done many more with their social networking site as their official site….still nice to have a big house though…..even though mine is virtual…I’ll probably never have a real life big house so nice to have one here.