My name is Derek and I want to be a composer, if not professionally then at least in my spare time.  Went to San Joaquin Community College from 2008-2012….(the first year I didn’t do anything….or the last year was for my transfer and I didn’t know how to play school “politics”)  In that time I studied classical guitar with the resident teacher Travis Silvers.  Before I left town he was also the teacher at the neighboring college, University of The Pacific.  Along with private lessons I also did the standard degree path i.e. concert choir, guitar ensemble, music theory, etc.  Upon receiving a AA in music, I transferred to University Of The Pacific as a composition major.

I felt like a fool paying so much for education so I dropped out and joined the Army.  Where currently I reside, raising money to fund my endeavors.  Once I leave I will use the money I saved up as well as the military’s educational benefits to receive hopefully at least a masters degree in music composition.  In the army I am the rank of Specialist trying at modest pace to make it to the rank of Sergeant before I leave.  As a Specialist, I am a machine gun team leader in a combat infantry platoon.  I have deployed once to Afghanistan been in a few fire fights and even ran over an I.E.D. (improvised explosive device.

In lieu of my profession as far as music repertoire, I have three pieces recorded from various artists on this site as well as on various websites throughout the internet.  “Pureharmoniouslove” is my pen name and if you search that or my name “Derek Skinner” I’m sure you’ll find some sort of trail.  I consider this site to be my home where I try an have the most information of me pulsating out.  My gmail seems to be somewhat of an effective “home base” and I’ve contemplated rather what to use or not.  I might just keep that for networking, or I willingly cling to the past hoping for a home website to be successful when many more have done many more with their social networking site as their official site….still nice to have a big house though…..even though mine is virtual…I’ll probably never have a real life big house so nice to have one here.