In an effort to have at least some new information released in between writing music, I have created this page.  The last thing I would want is people to never return after visiting, but who can blame them if no new content is published.  I imagine having an update at least once a week.  Hopefully what is released here will satisfy your curiosity enough to come back and visit to see if new music is up.  I promise that there will  be.  Above all else, quality over quantity.

Monday, October 9th, 2017: Lol its starting to feel like a captain’s log of the damned.  Like someone finds this years later to find out “what happened”.  I left the army and am in Los Angeles, that’s about it for personal life.  I reapplied for school and looking for work but who cares, every one does that.  The major will be different this time.  Promises to keep:  The donation button makes me sick I’m going to get rid of it (not that kind of artist),  Cleaner pictures (I know its fuzzy), and a revised biography.  I’ve been writing music but what does that mean to you?  If its not put up then its as if it never existed to you.  I’m reaching walls in the production side of it.  But this will make the end product sound much better than anything that I have created so far.

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017:  Yes that’s true, my thought exactly.  I put a bunch of stuff on the front page, including music.  I don’t really know everything I did but I wanted to write a post for it.  More frequent and looks a little nicer in my opinion

Monday, March 3rd, 2017:  So much time surpassed since my last update.  Since then I have hired a web developer to put some cool things in it, wrote 2 more pieces of music, and made an amv.  Still in the U.S. Army and in a few more months departing to take another stab at education in Los Angeles.  I wish I was more online social/tech able so I could make this more interesting with photos of random stuff and talking.  But this is what you get : /

*NOTE*  STORE is still inoperable just email me at [email protected] if you want something.  Its all free and would only charge for any expenses on my part.

Wednesday March 16th, 2016:  “WERE DOING IT LIVE”…..woooooo my site is finally live.  So far 3 pieces recorded, 1 has been finished and awaiting recording, and another one I am working on now.  I feel like nothing but when I see what I wrote what I have started is sinking in.

Tuesday February 2nd, 2016:  So I did some touching up on my site, funny thing is it doesn’t matter to log it… this site hasn’t even gone live yet.  Interestingly enough my previous entry was regards to my blog,  but my design status is in referendum to this website, yet it is still relevant.  The majority of these updates are in reference to my defunct old WordPress blog to be found here.  I also added a store where you can purchase recordings/downloads of my music and sheet music for those interested in playing it on their own.

Sunday February 1st, 2015:  Don’t know exactly when I will redesign the format of the site, writing new music and advertising it are the priorities of my life right now (aside from my real job in the Army).  I revised an old piece I had lying around (written in early 2012),  it’s called Coronation Of The King and it can be located in “music”

Saturday January 31, 2015:  I just finished another piece (finally), and only because I’m forcing myself to release it to the public.  I was going to write it for a music competition but I passed the deadline.  In order to practice being a real composer and the art of being given deadlines and completing the project in a timely manner I decided to release the piece any way.  Its called Beautiful Night and its about a someone longingly looking into the night sky in awe of the scenery.  You can find it on the “music” tab.

On a side note I think I made a mistake starting this website having only one piece of content to show and for 3ish years nothing.  But oh well live and learn cant change the past.  To combat this I am lowering my standards of my music and giving myself deadlines.  Not every piece of music I write has to be this heartfelt “from the depths of my soul” kinda thing.  I also need to redesign this website to make it look more interesting your probably bored and I am too just by looking at it, the angels can stay though.

Friday October 25th, 2013:  It’s been over a year since my last update and I apologize for not being of my word referring to my updates promise.  I had a change of life and joined the military.  I want to write music but not sacrifice my love for financial gain.  There is a never ending battle between the artist and the patron.  Picking another career separates me from the dependency resulting in 100% artistic control over my music.  The drawback being I must spend my hours doing something else.  As soon as I get music software for this computer I may begin creating and publishing as I have before.  I’m sorry but I have not an official date as of yet.  It does not bring me joy to make this decision for I feel as if I have abandoned my art to acquire a more stable life.  I lack the strength to take such a risk as the composers of old.  However such misery may be triumphed with time, hopefully I can become a professional musician through  people enjoying the music I have written from my soul as opposed to written pieces for patrons pleasure.  As an unfortunate memorandum, I would like everyone to please disregard any promises I have made regarding what I was going to deliver before this date (I know..”everything I said I was going to do…forget about it!”…lol)  But I need to reorganize my life a bit before I can continue with my endeavors.

tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them

Thursday, November 15th, 2012: I want to do other things in my left not related to music.  The WordPress site will remain, the YouTube account will remain, and the Sound Cloud account will remain.  I will come back with music I just don’t when yet.

Saturday, October 13th, 2012:  I wasn’t as efficient this week with my music compositions as I had a slight case of the crazies.  I feel a lot better and more harmony has been brought to my life….nothing much else to say.

Friday October 5th, 2012:  I don’t know why I’m even writing an update, my stats indicate that no one has visited the site in like 5 days.   HOW COME?!?!?!??!! It’s pretty lonely here with no one to talk to : (  Anyway…..I talked to the clarinetist who is going to perform “Turkish Bazaar”.  I wanted to see if there was anything in particular I wanted him to express emotionally in the performance.  Everything seems to be going smoothly and I expect an acoustic version of “Turkish Bazaar” in this month  (don’t ask me why it takes so long).  “The Last Great Witch Hunt” for the concert is about 50 % done and I think the concert is at a sooner date, perhaps late October/early November.  I haven’t worked on the guitar piece much as the concert will be my public debut as a composer and I want it to go very well.  I’m also working on a F.A.Q. *Frequently Asked Questions* as another page here.  This is so all the people who don’t visit my site will have a list of common questions that no one asks.  That way, I might be able to answer a question that you wouldn’t have asked so you wont have to ask me directly : D

Saturday September 29th, 2012:  The clarinetist that is going to play a live version of “Turkish Bazaar” has finished learning the piece.  All that is left to do is contact the recording studio.  I am writing another piece for a concert in December.  It is called “The Last Great Witch Hunt”.  The piece is a duet and will consist of two clarinets (I know so much clarinet music lol, it’s just they way it turned out, after this I don’t see my self writing another piece exclusively for the clarinet for a while).  The classical guitar piece I promised to play is coming along smoothly, just a few more weeks.

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